Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I visit in case I suffer from allergy?

You should visit an allergist to get treated for your allergy. In case you suffer from a serious attack, you should visit the emergency at the earliest.

2. Are antihistamines effective in treating allergies?

Histamine is released initially in an allergic reaction; hence allergies are usually treated using antihistamines. In some cases especially serious cases, corticosteroids are required to treat the allergy.

3. What do I give my child if she/he is allergic to milk?

Some babies are allergic to cows milk but they do not react to breast milk from the mother. Thus, breastfeeding is perfectly safe in a child with milk allergy. In some cases, the mother may have to stop taking in milk products during breastfeeding to avoid passage of the allergens to the child through the breast milk. As the child grows older, breast milk may be supplemented with milk alternatives like soya milk. Many children outgrow their milk allergy as they grow older.

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