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Septoplasty - Glossary

Septum: A wall dividing two cavities or compartments.

Cartilage: A type of connective tissue that contains cells (chondrocytes) surrounded by a tough but flexible matrix. The cartilage matrix is made of several types of the protein collagen and several types of proteoglycans, which are combinations of protein and long sugar molecules called glycosaminoglycans. Chondroitin sulfate is the major glycosaminoglycan in cartilage. Sinuses: Empty spaces or cavities usually within a bony structure.

Sinusitis: Sinusitis is inflammation of the lining membrane of any of the hollow areas (sinuses) of the bone of the skull around the nose. The sinuses are directly connected to the nasal cavities.

Mucus: A thick, slippery fluid produced by the membranes that line certain organs of the body, including the nose, mouth, throat, and vagina.

Aspirin: A drug that reduces pain, fever, inflammation, and blood clotting. Aspirin belongs to the family of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents. It is also being studied in cancer prevention.

ECG: A procedure that uses ultrasonic waves directed over the chest wall to obtain a graphic record of the heart's position, motion of the walls, or internal parts such as the valves.

Anaesthesia: Loss of feeling or sensation resulting from the administration of certain drugs or gases.

Incision: A cut made in the body during surgery.

Perforation: Process of making a hole, or the hole itself.

Bacteria: A large group of single-cell microorganisms. Some cause infections and disease in animals and humans. The singular of bacteria is bacterium. (Des: Common medical terminology used)


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ulanda, United States

I'm 5 days post op. I must admit the pain level is around 2 or 3 minimum. I watched a lot of videos that were all saying how painful it was going to be. I'm pleasantly surprised at the pain level. Especially, since I had a tonsillectomy as well. I believe the key was to overlap the pain meds. I was given codeine and Tylenol to be taken every 4 hours. So, basically I was taking pain meds every 2 hour for the first 3 days now as needed.

mike27, New Zealand

I am day four into my recovery post op male in 50s I was not encouraged to take too much pain relief Im not in much a pain more stuffy the fifth day can feel worse , be patient not sure if I have splints if should be cleaning a little hydrogen peroxide on the outside at least or using saline spray for moisture of the muscosa. I have been taking 1000mg of vitamin C and a throat lozenge [strepsil] occasionally...

thetruthwillsettheliesonfire, United States

Its January 10th 2014 and I'm spending my first night at home after my septoplasty.definitely not the best feeling in the world right now however finding out that the prescriptions I was given may have something to do with the way I feel. As I read one of the stories below, the woman with the 17 year old. I realize this is about 550ish days late and a bunch of dollars short. I'm feeling similar and I've cut back on the prednisone and this is totally reducing the spinning feeling. They prescribed anywhere from 2 to 10 mls and I started with the max. This was a mistake. I cut that in half and kept going with the antibiotic. Feeling a lot better now. Iguess the lesson here is. If the pain meds are making you feel terrible try adjusting them or changing to something else. Im not a dr. Nor could I ever afford to be one but hey some advice on this page and issue is better than nothing. Ill check back for any other opinions tomorrow

ajayuk, United Kingdom

i ha septoplasty and sinus both together after 3 weeks i was feeling more uncomfortable as i coud not breath through my nose because septum was more bent and there was no void between the septum and cartillage, i had an appoint with surgen after 3 weeks and he asked me how r u feeling, i said worst then i mentioned as i cant breath through my nose as i feel the septum is mre bent he replied can't be may beother problem, i said please check it then give ur remarks , as he checked then sais yes u r right the septum s bent there s adhesion and we have to do again surgery , i said why again he said we ll put splint this time , i said if only splint then y did nt u before he said we dont use to put unless some one got post op problems nd said splints r painful aswell , i said , r u joking me , i think there was excuse as i think he missed spilnt to put in ,actually he has given me new date for again surgery, so i would actually know , not putting splint is it the part of there NHS policy or his mistake not to put splint as i think he missed to put in those splint,
please furnish

justmom, United States

my 17 year old son had Septoplasty a week ago. He had focal seizures 2 hours post op and low vitals. Was told that was a side effect of Versed? He's been dizzy all week, vomited and had a focal seizure at school. Seeing blue dots, cold and clammy but BP ok seems a little confused.

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