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Top 8 Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas - Slideshow

Last Updated on May 04, 2019
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Tasty 8 Indian Breakfast Options for a Healthy Mind and Body

Tasty 8 Indian Breakfast Options for a Healthy Mind and Body, Top 8 Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas
Breakfast is the most healthy meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning can keep you energetic, boost your immune system, help you concentrate better, improve your metabolism, help you lose weight and protect you against chronic diseases. Indian breakfasts are often healthy and filling, as they are made with a combination of cereals, pulses, vegetables, and traditional Indian spices. Hence, make sure to try out some healthy and popular Indian breakfasts to reap numerous health benefits for a healthy body and fresh mind.

Soft and Fluffy Idli

Soft and Fluffy Idli, Top 8 Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas
Idli is a very popular traditional breakfast of South Indians. Idlis are prepared by steaming batter that consists of fermented rice and black gram in an idli cooker. A healthy combination of cereal and pulses can meet your body's energy and protein requirements easily. Steaming makes idlis a delicious low-calorie food. On the other hand, the fermentation of the batter increases the bioavailability of proteins, enhances the nutrient content of the food and promotes easy digestion. Soft and hot idlis can be enjoyed with coconut chutney and sambar.

Quick and Easy Poha

Quick and Easy Poha, Top 8 Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas
Poha is made from flattened rice flakes which are used in almost all parts of India. It is a tasty and easy snack or breakfast food in India, especially popular in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Cooked with onions, peas, green chilies, potatoes and flavored with lemon and curry leaves, it can be light, filling and perfect breakfast dish. Poha is also low in calories, and easy-to-digest can be a healthy breakfast option that can help you lose weight.

Soft and Spongy Dhokla

Soft and Spongy Dhokla, Top 8 Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas
Dhokla is a famous Gujarati vegetarian dish made from a fermented rice batter, gram flour (besan) and mild spices. Dhoklas that are steamed and not fried are soft, light and healthy. This light and fluffy delicacy is seasoned with mustard seeds, coriander leaves, green chutney, and fried green chilies. Dhoklas can also be made more nutritious by adding colorful vegetables and protein-packed lentils as per your choice. Hence, Dhokla can be a perfect breakfast treat.

Piping Hot Porridge

Piping Hot Porridge, Top 8 Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas
Porridge (commonly known as Dalia, Congee or Kanji) has been a part of the traditional Indian cuisine for ages. It is a healthy, easy-to-digest and protein-rich food made by boiling cereals such as oats, rice, broken wheat and barley along with lentils, and vegetables. Sometimes, to give a sweet taste to your tongue, milk can be added instead of veggies.

Having a bowl of porridge keeps you energetic and makes you feel fuller for longer. With wholesome benefits, Dalia is served as weaning food for toddlers, healthy diet for people with diabetes and obesity, a post-workout meal for athletes and it is also included in various therapeutic diets for patients recovering from prolonged illnesses.

Easy and Tasty Upma

Easy and Tasty Upma, Top 8 Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas
Upma is another South Indian breakfast dish made with semolina also called suji or rava. Upma is tasty, easy to digest and can give instant energy. Onions, tomatoes, and potatoes are commonly added to upma to enhance the taste. Other vegetables such as grated carrots, finely chopped beans, and peas can make upma colorful and nutritious.

Just 15 minutes is enough to prepare a tasty upma. Eating upma for breakfast will improve your satiety levels and keep you fuller for longer, therefore preventing you from feeling hungry too often.

Steaming Hot Puttu

Steaming Hot Puttu, Top 8 Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas
Puttu or steamed rice cake is a typical Kerala dish, which is made of rice flour and scrapped coconut. The rice flour is layered with freshly grated coconut and steamed in a piece of bamboo. Now, with modern advancement, puttu can be cooked easily in a puttu maker.

Based on an individual's preference, amazing combinations such as ragi, wheat, and oats are layered with minced meat, fish, chicken, and vegetables to improve taste and nutritive quality. Puttu is often served with banana and sugar, but it also goes well with various vegetarian and non-vegetarian gravies and side dishes. Puttu eaten with kadala curry forms a perfect combo.

Perfect Round Chapati

Perfect Round Chapati, Top 8 Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas
Chapati (also known as roti or phulka) is a round shaped, unleavened flatbread prepared using a soft dough comprising wheat flour (atta), edible oil, water, and salt. It is a staple food in the Indian subcontinent, packed with carbohydrates. Chapatis can provide ample energy required for the day and keep you satiated.

With the goodness of vitamin B, vitamin E, zinc and other minerals, eating chapatis every day can do wonders for your skin. It can help you lose weight and is frequently spotted in most Indian weight loss diet plan. Chapatis go well with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian accompaniments such as spicy curries, dry sabjis, chutneys, and dal. So, hurry up, grab some chapatis for breakfast to boost your health.

Kerala Style Soft Appam

Kerala Style Soft Appam, Top 8 Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas
Appam is a traditional breakfast dish originating from the Indian state of Kerala. It is a bowl-shaped, thin, fluffy pancake made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk. Appam can be added to your weight loss diet, as it is one of the best fermented and low-calorie breakfast choices that help you reduce your cholesterol levels. Without any doubt, appam goes well with coconut milk and Indian curries.

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