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Top 7 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach - Slideshow

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Visiting the Beach often is Good for Your Health: Here's How

Visiting the Beach often is Good for Your Health: Here's How, Top 7 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach
Spending time under the blue sky, experiencing the fresh air, admiring the sound and smell of splashing ocean waves, peacefully relaxing under the sunshine and feeling the warm sand beneath your toes can do magical wonders to your health and well-being. A day at the seaside can cause changes in your brain that make you feel happier, more relaxed, and full of energy. So, make sure you visit the beach to gain these amazing health benefits for healthy mind, soul, and body.

Helps Beat Your Stress Levels

Helps Beat Your Stress Levels, Top 7 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach
Water is considered one of nature's best remedies for overcoming the stresses of everyday life. Spending time on the seaside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine can produce serotonin, which is an important hormone associated with the feeling of happiness and relaxation.

Similarly, listening to the waves crash against the shore calms brain activity, and the color blue offers a sense of relaxation, serenity, and peace, thereby releasing hormones such as dopamine and serotonin to reduce your stress levels. So, make sure to wash away your stress levels at the seaside.

Hit the Beach to Burn More Calories

Hit the Beach to Burn More Calories, Top 7 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach
As you enter the beach, the golden sand and blue sea offer you a spacious area for running around and swimming. Just walking a mile on a clear stretch of sand with a soothing cool sea breeze and rhythmically crashing waves is better for you than walking on pavement, as it utilizes every major muscle in your body. Swimming in the ocean, or practicing yoga on the beach sand can enhance your mood and keep you active throughout the day. So, make sure to hit the beach more often to lose weight.

Refreshes Your Skin Naturally

Refreshes Your Skin Naturally, Top 7 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach
The salty sea water and the tiny grains of beach sand can offer amazing benefits to your skin. Swimming in saltwater opens up pores and draws out the impurities and excess oil from your skin. Saltwater and beach sand are perfect for exfoliation, therefore, gently rubbing wet sand into your feet and legs and rinsing in the ocean removes dead skin, kills acne-causing bacteria and helps blemishes heal more quickly.

Seawater is full of good minerals such as iodine, magnesium and potassium chloride can heal skin problems such as dermatitis and rashes, preserve the elasticity of the skin and moisturize your skin. So, make sure to spend some time walking barefoot on the beach and play in the splashing waters.

Helps You Breathe Fresh Air

Helps You Breathe Fresh Air, Top 7 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach
Breathing in fresh air is always good for mental and physical health. Frequently visiting blue spaces and breathing sea air, which is free of the pollution and chemicals can keep your lungs healthy. The fresh air at the beach is rich in negative ions that work to increase oxygen absorption in the lungs. People with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and any other breathing difficulties can breathe much easier when they are at the seaside. Beach air also relaxes your chest muscles and allows you to inhale healthier air.

Let's You Grab Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Let's You Grab Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D, Top 7 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach
Vitamin D is also known as the 'sunshine vitamin' and is mainly needed for better bone health, the immune system, metabolism, and mental health. Sunlight is one of the natural sources of vitamin D. Lounging on the beach and taking sunbathe for just 10 minutes by exposing your hands, legs, and arms can help you absorb your daily dose of vitamin D easily.

Boosts Your Immune System

Boosts Your Immune System, Top 7 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach
Beach visit can also boost your immune system. Seawater contains several minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and iodine and other compounds that help you get rid of harmful toxins and strengthen your immune system. Saltwater also has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties acts as a natural disinfectant that fights against infections, cleans wounds and speeds up healing.

Several ocean minerals are proved helpful in reducing inflammation and joint pain. Studies suggest that Vitamin D is a powerful immune system booster, therefore exposing yourself under the sun for at least 20 to 30 minutes can boost your immunity.

Helps You Sleep Better

Helps You Sleep Better, Top 7 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach
A good night's sleep is important to maintain good health. Spending just a few hours at the beach can promote healthy sleeping patterns by relieving stress and promoting a healthier chemical balance. For people suffering from insomnia, spending time at the seaside can be a natural cure. The refreshing air, pleasant scenery and listening to the relaxing sound of ocean waves offers a calming effect and makes you sleep well.

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