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Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid - Slideshow

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, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Health is Wealth. However, most of the people try dieting in all the wrong ways which make them prone to various digestion-related problems, contributing to poor health.

Health comes from a balanced diet which has a controlled composition of all the essential nutrients. These nutrients are required in preset quantities by the body to function properly. Any change in the required amount of these nutrients can result in various health problems.

Let us look at some of the common mistakes an average person may make with respect to the selection of diet.

Eating Junk and Spicy Food

Eating Junk and Spicy Food, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
The No. 1 food item that makes most people unhealthy is junk food.These readily available processed foods may satisfy the taste buds. However, they are surely the worst thing for the stomach.

A can of soda or oily fries between the meals is most common dieting mistake.

Spices are good when taken in moderation, but higher quantities can damage the inner lining of the stomach and result in diseases such as ulcers and acidity.

Go slow on the junk intake and indulge in some healthy veggie salad or a fresh fruit smoothie and experience its health benefits.

Drinking too Little Water

Drinking too Little Water, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Water is the primary fluid required to perform all the essential activities. Insufficient intake of water causes dehydration, which affects the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates.

Slower metabolism poses difficulty in managing weight and thus hinders positive weight loss results despite being on a diet.

Drink lots of water, at least 8-10 glasses a day for proper digestion and improved weight management. Keeping yourself hydrated is the easiest dieting habit.

Skipping Breakfast

Skipping Breakfast, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without eating a proper breakfast, an individual can feel low on energy for the whole day. It also affects the body and brain functioning.

Including breakfast with high protein diet will make you feel high on energy. Eat a bowl of fresh fruits with some yogurt or a whole wheat vegetable sandwich to start your day.

Crash Diet

Crash Diet, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Most people turn to crash dieting when it comes to losing weight. Relying on a crash diet is perhaps the biggest diet mistake. Cutting down calories may reduce your weight, but it slows down your metabolism.

Adapting to this change, the body gets used to a slower metabolic rate that takes the time to digest fats and carbohydrates. Switching again to normal diet makes the body gain weight rapidly adding bulk to the abdomen.

Instead, one should follow a healthy balanced diet regime according to the individual body type for a lasting effect.

Not Counting On Calories

Not Counting On Calories, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Are you working on cutting those extra pounds and not counting calories? Not counting calories may lead to misleading results even when you think you are not eating much.

Many foods and beverages that we consume during the day have high sugar content. Watch out for high calorie drinks like alcoholic beverages, sodas, tea and coffee.

Even eating a leftover sandwich or a piece of cake could make a difference to the calorie intake.

Keeping a track of calories helps to plan your diet better and maintain a healthy weight.

Cutting on Whole Foods

Cutting on Whole Foods, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Sometimes people think restricting a whole category of foods helps in dieting. Cutting on fats and carbohydrates completely may give your health a setback, and you may find yourself at low sugar and energy levels.

It is important that the diet includes a portion of each nutrient in order to function properly.

Restricting a category of food may have an adverse impact on the body making it vulnerable to diseases.

No diet is better than a watchful balanced diet.

Avoiding Snacks

Avoiding Snacks, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Not including snacks between meals is an absolute No! People might think reducing snack diet may help them lose weight but actually, it hampers your metabolism and you end up eating more calories at meals.

In fact, current studies stress on eating healthy snacks between the meals to reduce calorie intake during meals. This regulates metabolism and positively affects blood sugar levels.

Snack on healthy nut mix or dried berries and veggie salad to help your weight loss program.

Omitting Dairy

Omitting Dairy, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Dairy products are rich in calcium and other vital nutrients. Many diet followers consider dairy a hindrance in controlling weight. Full-fat cheese, milk, ghee and ice creams may be a threat to weight loss, but low-fat dairy options are good for replenishing daily calcium needs that do not add extra pounds to the body.

Calcium is an important factor in fat metabolism. Therefore, omitting dairy completely can be responsible for weight gain.

Sticking to low-fat dairy options is a healthy way to burn more fats along with maintaining your weight loss practice.

No Workouts

No Workouts, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
It is a common belief that a controlled diet has the same effects on weight loss as doing exercise and working out. Exercising burns more fats and carbohydrates than just dieting.

Light exercise like dancing, swimming and cycling are good workout options along with diet control. Exercising too much can increase your need for calories which could hamper weight loss process.

Moderate level of workout is important for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Also, one should keep a record of exercise and diet together so as not to overestimate the results of workout and increase food intake.

Unrealistic Dieting Goals

Unrealistic Dieting Goals, Top 10 Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Setting unrealistic dieting goals is the main reason for disappointment when it comes to weight control.

Set what you can achieve. Forcing your body towards achieving what is impossible that will lead to failure at the first step.

Set smaller goals and gradually move forward.

Realistic goals are much more practical to follow and achieve than going extra miles for the unreasonable target.

Remember slow and steady wins the race.

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