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Hello Doc, this is my health page

The Hindu, Tuesday, May 8, 2001
Do you remember the last time you met your doctor? And do you remember what the prescription was? Unlikely. That's why you should have a decent filing system. And in case you are not able to do so, key in all of them. Each one of them. So that the next time you meet your doctor who quizzes you on your last medication, ask him to look up a website. Cool man. It just can't get any better than this. For the health freaks, the frequently ill, for those with a condition such as high/low BP/ diabetes, and the hypochondriacs.
Welcome to This WAP enabled website had launched yet another new feature, "my health record" (MHR). This is basically what it means only web-based. MHR is essentially an electronic medical record for the medical fraternity and for the benefit of people. This '.net' is among the country's leading medical portals promoted by Medical Computer Society of India and Chennai based FrontPoint systems.
MHR enables health conscious netizens to maintain an electronic format of their health profile. This can cover personal details, emergency contact information, drug and environmental allergies, medications, a full range of diagnostic tests and details of procedures undergone. In short the A to Z of your medical concerns is keyed in, ready to be retrieved at the cliched-tap of a key.
This e-record has its uniqueness as well. This has been programmed in such a way to "emit" warnings or alerts to a user if any abnormal result is keyed in. There is advice too go to your doc immediately. The promoters claim that this is the first time that a programme of this sort has been written and put into practice to benefit such large numbers.
That's not all. A summary of 'my health record' can be forwarded to a doctor or a hospital by e-mail or a printout can be taken for reference. Now don't worry about peeping toms. The promoters assure that they have a lot of in-built security systems that ensure confidentiality of data that you key in.
Medindia will offer its EMR solutions to clinics, nursing homes, diagnostics centres and hospitals. The promoters say that their procedures will set the standards, especially at a time when the medical insurance marker is growing rapidly.
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