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1.  Anemia Guide
2.  Asthma Managem..
3.  AW Beauty & He..
4.  AW RoadLingua ..
5.  Biojump
6.  BMI
7.  Body1 1.0
8.  Evidence Based..
9.  Gene 0.8
10. Health Empower..
11. Health Grades ..
12. iSilo 4.00 bet..
13. Jfile 4.x
14. MathLib 1.1
15. Medicalc 2.0
16. PkCalc 1.1
17. Smoke History ..
18. STAT Cardiac C..
19. Tealinfo
20. Women's Health ..

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 Medical PDA News 

Avoid "BlackBerry Thumb"

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has said that "Blackberry Thumb" should now be  More...

EHRVA Supports EHR Product Certification 

With this week's expected announcement of the first group of Electronic Health Record (EHR)  More...

EHRVA Supports EHR Product Certification 

With this week's expected announcement of the first group of Electronic Health Record (EHR)  More...

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 Medical PDA Products
Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards 1.2
350 high resolution anatomy images from a master of ...
Ultimate Organ Systems Flash Cards (Bryan Edwards) 1.0
This product examines the structures and functions ..

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 PDA Health Articles

  PDA Health Revolution

For the past two decades, healthcare informatics has gone through a long and slow gestational period of development and evolution. The learning curve at times has been very painful and expensive; More...

 PDA Medical Revolution

Internet, e-mail, PDA are the three major thrust areas that have helped the clinicians to accept information technology in the field of healthcare. More...

 Decreasing Medical Errors

Medical errors also happens to be one of the US's biggest causes of preventable death. As per the 'British Medical Journal' editorial (March, 2001) Preventable healthcare errors cost the economy an astonishing $17-$29 billion p. a. More...

 History of PDA

The idea of making small hand held computer for storing addresses and phone numbers , taking notes and keeping track of daily appointments originated in the 1980ís. More...

 PDA Types

Hand-held computers and palm-sized computers. The major differences between the two are size, display and mode of data entry. More...

 PDA Manufacturers

Sony , Palm , Compaq , Handspring , HP , Microsoft , Casio . More...

 PDA ER Suite

This document is designed to give users unfamiliar with PDA programs a feel for the depth and practical functionality of ER Suite. By following these examples on your PDA device even non-medical professionals will see the value of this product in practice. More...

 PDA for Nurses

The PDA usually works as an extension to the main desktop Personal computer and when not in use should be put in the Syn unit that is connected to one of the computer slots. More...

 Medical PDA Software

The World Health Organization Website provides up-to-date information about health care topics around the world. Nurses researching worldwide health issues will find this reference useful. More...

  PDA Guide

The advantages of using a PDA are many. If programmed it an work a slave unit to the main ward or hospital computer. More...

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Medical Wizards was founded in 2000 by a practicing physician. If you desire an intuitive, user friendly interface with added functionality and customization; this is the place to shop!

"Software for medical professionals by medical professionals"
. More...

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