Water purification and disinfections

How is drinking water purified?

The two most common methods to kill microorganisms in the water supply are -

  • Oxidation with chemicals such as chlorine or ozone
  • Irradiation with Ultra-violet (UV)radiation

What is water disinfections?

Water is disinfected to kill any pathogens that may be present in the water supply and to prevent them from growing again in the distribution systems, without disinfections, the risk from waterborne disease is increased.

Disinfections has both advantages and disadvantages.

Disinfections is used to prevent the growth of pathogenic organisms and to protect public health and the choice of the disinfect depends upon the individual water quality and water supply system.

The key factors in selecting a disinfections system depend upon:

  • Its effectiveness in killing a range of microorganisms.
  • Possibility of producing harmful disinfections by-products.
  • Residual effect - the ability of disinfections agent to remain effective in the water throughout the distribution system.
  • Safety and easy handling of chemicals and equipments.
  • Cost effectiveness.

Would the presence of dead bodies in water pose risk of epidemic infection?

The risk of epidemic due to dead bodies is negligible compared to person who is alive and infected.


minahil.zia Monday, December 17, 2012

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Very helpful information I think we should use water purifiers like Kent for making the water clean. so that we can keep the water borne diseases away. It's also our responsibility to keep the water sources clean.

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This is not possiable sea water will affect our body and cause for any water desease. In weakness we are using salted water for enery and well recovery of body. Sooo 101% possibility is t sunami [ sea water 0 never effect or not cuase for any water diseases

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Is there Still any serotype of vibrio cholera? If present which states are prone to get outbreak?

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