Malaria Control Measures

Biological methods-

  • Use of Larvivorous fishes which feed on mosquito larvae
  • Larvivorous fishes are used to control breeding of mosquitoes in wells and fresh waters
  • Gambusia affinis is a good Larvivorous fish with the following features -

-It has a quick movement and can escape from its enemies

- It is a small fish which does not grow to a big size

- It has no edible value for human consumption

- It can thrive and acclimatized to any type of water

- It reproduces and multiplies in large numbers

Drug Prophylaxis for Malaria for Travellers

  • Drugs like plasmoquine can destroy gametocyte of Plasmodium
  • Mass drug prophylaxis is used to protect from clinical manifestations of the disease
  • Plaudrine can be taken weekly once for prophylactic treatment while staying in endemic areas of malaria.


moses odradria Thursday, January 5, 2012

this was wonderfully done

camaldina Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thanks for write-pus. Its very informative. You only talked about the treatment of malaria, but what about the treatment/avoidance of the Malaria Relapses, which is very important?

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