Malaria Control Measures

c) Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of oil usage is that both the larvae and pupae of mosquito are killed.

The disadvantages of oil usage

  • Repeated usage may hinder the vegetation growth
  • Cannot be used on drinking water sources
  • Small fishes in the water may be killed
  • Strong winds can break the oil film

Destruction of Adult Mosquitoes:

This method is mostly used in house hold for killing adult mosquitos

Spraying on a systematic scale should be started before commencement of mosquito breeding and continued throught the malaria transmission season.

a) Pyrethrum spray

  • Pyrethrum is prepared from dried flowers of Pyrethrum cinerarifolium plant
  • Pyrethrum extract can be prepared by distillation to give 1% or 2% extract
  • Mosquitoes get irritated and when the come into contact with suspended pyrethrum extract and the respiratory system are clogged and they die due to suffocation immediately.


moses odradria Thursday, January 5, 2012

this was wonderfully done

camaldina Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thanks for write-pus. Its very informative. You only talked about the treatment of malaria, but what about the treatment/avoidance of the Malaria Relapses, which is very important?

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