Lipopolysaccharide – They are lipids and sugars united by chemical bonds, held inside a huge molecule.

Mucosa – Mucous membrane lining the body cavities and passages.

Metastasis – Pathogenic microorganisms or cancerous cells are conveyed from one location to several locations in the body by blood vessels or the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic system – Lymph circulates throughout the body by way of a well networked system of vessels and spaces found between body tissues and organs.

Lymph nodes – Tiny, oval shaped structures, positioned along the lymphatic vessels which provide lymphocytes to the bloodstream and cleanse the lymph off bacteria and foreign particles.

Bacteremia - Presence of bacteria in blood

Intestinal perforation - Opening or penetration through the wall of the Intestine


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what is salmonella paratyphi A and B and the possible causes

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