Why was NIDDCP Launched in India?

Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) jeopardize children’s mental health, often their lives. They start before birth.

Serious iodine deficiency during pregnancy may result in stillbirths, abortions and congenital abnormalities such as cretinism, graves disease, irreversible form of mental retardation that affects people living in iodine-deficient areas of Africa and Asia.

In order to protect the children, the ‘National Goiter Control Program (NGCP)’ was launched in India in 1962, which was later expanded and renamed as the ‘National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Program (NIDDCP)’ in 1990. The program is monitored by the Deputy Director Health Services situated in the Directorate of Health Services, Mumbai.

The goal of the NIDDCP was elimination of iodine deficiency disorders by 2000.


Qayyum45 Friday, May 7, 2010

promote iodised salt and prevent IDD in fact this should be part of pre-school,early education program

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