Last Updated on Dec 18, 2019

What Psychological Changes occur in Pregnancy?

Mood swings, anxiety, and stress are common psychological changes during pregnancy.

Changes in the body image, hormones and one’s attitude towards cultural pressures and expectations lead to emotional changes in pregnancy.

Psychological Changes in the First Trimester of Pregnancy include -

  • Mood swings
  • Feeling irritable and snappish
  • Panic attacks and feelings of anxiety
  • Bouts of feeling unsure and panicky
  • Extreme reactions to minor things and even crying
  • Heightened stress and anxiety due to the fear of miscarriage, especially if there is a previous history of miscarriage

Psychological Changes in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy include -

  • A sense of general well-being develops as the fear of miscarriage disappears and the physical discomforts of the first trimester have diminished
  • Worry about the weight gain
  • Self-doubts and lowering of self-image

Psychological Changes in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy include -

  • Increased anxiety and concern about labor and the delivery, especially in first-time mothers
  • Difficulty in concentration at the task in hand
  • Anxiety about the baby’s health
  • Experiencing strange dreams

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