Last Updated on Sep 23, 2014

Common Sites for Bone Marrow Biopsy

Posterior ileum is the most common site for bone marrow biopsy.

Common sites for bone marrow biopsy include-

  • Pelvic bone (ileum) - This is the most common site and is easily accessible from the lower back, near the hip. Adults usually have a sample of bone marrow fluid taken from the back of the hip bone (posterior ileum).
  • Anterior iliac crest- Bone marrow can also be taken from the front of the pelvic bone, near the groin. Obtaining a bone marrow sample from the back of the hipbone of an obese person may be difficult. In such cases it may be easier to use the front of the hipbone (anterior iliac crest) or the breast bone (sternum).
  • Sternum- In some cases, the biopsy sample is obtained from the sternum, the center bone in the chest.
  • Lower leg bone- Infants and young children may have samples taken from the front of the lower leg bone, just below the knee.


Ranganatha Thursday, March 18, 2010

Doctor has suggested "Bone Marrow test" for my wife due to Hb being less than 5.5 , Which is nearest place for me to take test from Sedam, Gulbarga, Karnataka. Where can I take this test ? How much time is required

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