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What are the Causes of Priapism?

Blood disorders like sickle cell anemia and leukemia, as well as medications used to treat impotence are common causes of priapism.

Causes of priapism include -

Pharmacological injection therapy- Injections used to treat impotence are common causes of priapism.

Leukemia-Children with priapism are typically those who have leukemia. In this situation, the white blood cells occlude, or block the outflow of blood from the penis causing priapism.

Sickle cell disease- It is reported that 42 percent of all sickle-cell adults and 64 percent of all sickle-cell children develop priapism.

Cancer- Cancers can rarely infiltrate the penis and prevent the outflow of blood

Trauma or spinal cord injuries- Trauma, either to the penis or to the area underneath the penis known as the perineum, can result in priapism. Additionally, spinal cord injuries can cause priapism.

Medications- Drugs used to treat psychotic illness like chlorpromazine, and drugs used to treat hypertension like prazosin can cause priapism.

Illicit drug abuse- Priapism has been reported as a complication following use of illicit drug cocaine or marijuana.

Other conditions: Carbon monoxide poisoning and black widow spider bites are also associated with priapism.

Unknown factors- In adults, priapism may be idiopathic i.e. it may have no identifiable cause.



mohammad51 Tuesday, May 3, 2011

well I read there , but let me explain my case, it is something is bitter, my sexual organ still all the night stand, but not desire to do six,and I havn't symptom of prostat or any urinary tract infection, no one has suggested me the treatment, the case is about to 2006 still yet, one doctor advises me to get marriage , but it is not so, my age about 60 years, this had done only thoough the night, and I suffer the pain since that date

Jis_l Sunday, July 22, 2012

This is a rare disorder that my husband has with no curte for it as yet and treatments are questionable. There is a current study running by doctor Xia in Houston [ you can look this up], she suggests treatment that is also being used on the bubbl-boy syndrome which is an injection in the penis which I don't know is desirable by males! There are some suggestions of sleeping tablets,relaxants..that can help for the time being, even codein i think it is (codral) helps. Good luck.

Lissa Monday, October 5, 2009

my husband fell and landed on his penis, causing priaprism, after 4 flushes and no relief and kidneys failing, he came home scared, that same day i took him back to hospital and was sent back home to call an make an appointment with urologist, days past til appointment time, after seeing the urologist he noticed that the penis had gotten black then referred him to another hospital for surgery in a day or two(his words not mine) After getting there the new urologist saw there was an imediate need for surgery, the end result was he lost his penis due to gaingreen with a penectomy. We never knew how serious this priaprism was and didn't know what it even was..Don't be mistaken this is serious and can be detramental to any man...

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