Advantages of using Condoms

Advantages of using condoms include -

  • Condoms are an effective form of contraception. They are 95-99% effective.
  • Proper and consistent use of condoms prevents transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS/HIV, syphilis).
  • Condoms are easy to use, and very little practice is needed.
  • Reliability is high if used appropriately.
  • Ease of purchase of a condom from pharmacy, supermarket or departmental stores. There is no need for a prescription and is even provided free of cost in health centers and family planning clinics.
  • Availability of different shapes, sizes and types of condoms. There is one for everybody.
  • Use of condoms is devoid of any side effects and is much cheaper when compared to other forms of birth control.
  • Condoms have to be used only during intercourse whereas birth control pills have to be taken for a prolonged period.
  • It enhances responsibility and mutual understanding between the partners.

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