Vitamin B-12 - Dietary Sources

The vitamin can be supplied to the human body through diet that includes egg, fish, chicken, beef, fortified cereals and shell fish. There are some factors that play a major role in the absorption of this vitamin.

  • Stomach acid (and pancreatic enzyme) digests the food and thereby liberates the bound vitamin B-12.
  • A protein, called intrinsic factor (IF), binds to vitamin B-12, before it can be absorbed by the body through the small intestine.


kedia Friday, December 9, 2011

i have a back pain since 5 years. i am 22 years old...some doctors used to say that u may be lacking b 12 whole back is paining like anything..after consulting so many doctors their prefrence is operation..but when i had my xray of cervical and lumber there is nothing found...since a year i m taking accupressure treatment..she told me that your whole body has become stiff.i said i used to do regular excercise...she told me that your blood circulates but there are some parts of your back does not reach blood everyday...and this part i didn't understand...please help me...

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