Vitamin B-12 - Deficiency Aftermath

The plausible symptoms and adverse consequences of vitamin B-12 deficiency render the bone marrow incapacitated to produce the required amount of red blood cells. This could give rise to megaloblastic anemia (characterized by a reduction in the number of hemoglobin or red blood cells)

Also, high homocysteine levels in the blood are an aftermath and are associated with an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Vitamin B-12 deficiency can trigger permanent neurological damage. Problems could manifest as trouble with walking, amnesia, reduced mental capacity, tingling and numbness of arm and legs.


kedia Friday, December 9, 2011

i have a back pain since 5 years. i am 22 years old...some doctors used to say that u may be lacking b 12 whole back is paining like anything..after consulting so many doctors their prefrence is operation..but when i had my xray of cervical and lumber there is nothing found...since a year i m taking accupressure treatment..she told me that your whole body has become stiff.i said i used to do regular excercise...she told me that your blood circulates but there are some parts of your back does not reach blood everyday...and this part i didn't understand...please help me...

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