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I am pregnant an I have caught the chikungunya virus. I took panadol 500 every 6 hours an the pain had subside. Now I'm having rash. How long does this last an can it affect my unborn child.
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is it true that chikungunya virus is worst than dengue? i just need your opinion base on your knowledge for my paper work in school. thanks
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I had Chikungunya. I just take loads of Vitamins C and Vitamin B or Multi Vitamins. When i feel the pain I take parecetamol or Advil. Take that build your immune system.
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my wife bulbul infected with chikungunya in the recent past, but severe pain in her wrist and fore wrists portion. she cannot use her right hand nor she move her total right hand fully. dated : 21-4-2013
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I am infected with chikungunya. Zerodol sp gives me some relief.Is it safe to take this medicine on a regular basis. What else should I do for quick recovery?
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There is widespread opinion among masses that chickungunya fever is caused by chicken and at some places in india people even stop even eating chicken meat.As the causes of this fever is totally different and it appears the prevalence is likely during and after monsoon, a good measure of propaganda in educating people is required.
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hello doctor , i got very high fever with joint pains , doctor diagnosed it as tiaphoid. now my fever is gone but i have acute joint pain in hand and legs. what kind of treatment i should take please suggest me. as i am thinking it may be chickungunia. but doctors are saying as fever is not there so no need of chickungunia test is required. what should i do? please suggest me at
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Dear armit I am not an MD doctor (Physician) but a PhD one. I am a mosquito expert, which means that I advise people before they got bitten. After the bite,especially if you feel sick, go see a physician. Dr Gil Stav Mosquito ecologist
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