What are the symptoms of Vasculitis?

Early symptoms of Vasculitis are weight loss, fever, skin lesions, muscle pain, joint pain, mouth ulcers or genital ulcers.

General symptoms of vasculitis include fever, body ache, arthritis pain, weight loss and fatigue. The patient develops purpura, which is a hard, purple blotch on the skin. Blackened areas of gangrene appear in the areas of skin where there is no blood flow. Vasculitis occurring as a result of drug reaction has symptoms of fever, joint pain, and swollen lymph nodes.

Inflammation in Vascular system Symptoms Vasculitis
Small veins Purpura - large purple circles on the skin. Henoch- Schonlein.
Deep layers Deep, painful red bumps on the arms and legs. Erythema nodosum.
Medium - sized arteries Kidney failure, heart complications, gastrointestinal problems and high blood pressure. Polyarteritis nodosa.
Inflammation of arteries in the brain and head. Severe headaches, blindness, and stroke Temporal (giant cell) arteritis.
Inflammation of the large arteries around the heart. Fever and night sweats, heart attack. Takayasu's arteritis.
Blood vessels of respiratory tract. Coughing, shortness of breath, nose bleeds, and ear infections Wegener's granulomatosis.


karly Thursday, December 22, 2016

any info to help vasculitis

parulSonali Saturday, July 12, 2014

My son 3 years old is suffering from vasculities . His multi organ r effected will u please tell me the best doctor in India for him. Please help me. I 've lost my husband two years before. He Is my life .

fighter Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hi, I am 36 years male, I had 4 bouts of nasal polyps operation and I developed asthma after my first operation. I had used dose regime of corticosteroids and antibiotics for all the times. I had to go to emergency at least 4 times with rashes on my feet and I did not use any medications. In one instance my CRP was high and also my esinophilic counts and IgE. Now I have a esinophil count between 8-11% with mucous in my nostrils,loss of smell and also in my stool. I feel I have inflammation in my viscera altering at different locations. All the signs do points to Vesiculitis but no doctor has diagnosed me that condition during my visits.I once got ANA positive but this can sometimes be false negative. I don't know what to do could you help

VarunVarmaDatla Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am suffered from Vasculitis which effected my left eye vision, vision is partial for that eye. s per doctor now disease is active. Is there any medicine or cure for my problem. Varun

ironjustice Monday, June 13, 2011

They have shown vasculitis to be linked to siderosis and a lack of antioxidants. Siderosis causes oxidation so one can understand WHY one might be low on antioxidants. Low iron diet and iron depletion therapy. "For the first time, we present one patient with vasculitis of the central nervous system associated with systemic hemochromatosis in superficial siderosis. Therapeutic approach included immunosuppressive therapy and venupunctures in the patient with vasculitis and hemochromatosis, and symptomatic treatment with chelating agents and antioxidants. The patient remained clinically stable for the follow-up period of up to 2 years."

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