A simple mechanism to understand Stone Formation

Imagine a glass of water containing little salt .If you add some more salt, it dissolves. When you add more and more salt, a stage is reached when the water is no longer able to dissolve the salt added to it. This is because the solution is supersaturated with the salt.Above this point , any little amount of salt added to the solution will start precipitating. This is exactly the mechanism by which stones form except that the solution is urine and the chemical composition of the salt is different. There are 3 main ways by which stones form in the urinary tract.

First a crystal has to form, then it has to grow and then a large number of such grown - up crystals has to aggregate to each other before it becomes large enough to block the urinary passage.

It would be comforting to know that nature has it own protective mechanisms to prevent stone formation. Yes ! there are certain substances in urine which interfere with the growth and aggregation of crystals which are responsible for stone formation.It is because of the presence of these substances in urine that most of us do not form stones. The stone forming substances are kept in a dissolved state in our urine.


40771 Friday, May 12, 2017

Sir, My intercourse time is just one minute ejaculation there [PME]. Please help me.

40771 Friday, May 12, 2017

Sirs, I'm Selvaraju,from Tamilnadu,a male, aged 53. Past one yearly,smallest size of yellow colour stones are come out from my bladder when the end of urine release on morning and night before bed regular days. At that time no pain, no irritation. Please, kindly suggest me the proper advise. Thanks a lot.

piyush174 Friday, April 20, 2012

more detail explanation needed

ranjan03 Tuesday, April 3, 2012

my name is parth srivastav.i am from delhi,i just want to know that am i suffering from stone disease??.. actually last night i felt very hard pain in my stomack for 30 minutes it was really so hard pain and then[after 30 min.] i felt relax. so i just want from you to suggest me should i concert to a doctor..........is this the symptom of stone, pls reply fast

urolab Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To prevent Stone to recur, one must get a. Stone Analysis done by latest method like FTIR b. 24 Urine metabolic test. After analysis, the clinician can give proper opinion whay diet modification to be done and what treatment is required. Its : Dr.S. Mehta .check www.urolab.net

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