What are the tests to be done ?

A through physical examination is very important to understand the site and nature of the pain. It would also give the doctor an idea as to whether the pain is likely due to a stone within the urinary system or due to other reason.

A routine blood test and a urine test has to be done. The urine test will he helpful to know if there is blood in the urine, or if infection is present. It would be surprising to know that the doctor can make out if you are drinking adequate amount of fluids from the urine examination itself.

A special urine test in the form of urine culture has to be done to look for the presence of urinary tract infection . If it is present, it has to be treated with suitable anti-biotics for a specified time.

A blood test to measure the functioning of your kidney has to be done to know how your kidney is affected because of the urinary stone. Other metabolic tests may have to be done to look for any defects in your body which may be responsible for stone formation.This is very important as it is not only sufficient to treat for the stone but to find out why you formed the stone. So an appropriate treatment can be given so that you dont form a stone again.

An ultra-sound examination is the first choice and it is very useful. It does not involve any intervention and is very safe. Even very small stones which cannot be seen on the X-Ray can be seen on an ultrasound. The presence of any abnormality in other organs in the abdomen can also be made out.

A X-Ray film is usually needed. It should be taken after proper bowel preparation. You may be asked to take some medicines which help in the easy passage of stools so that proper information can be obtained.

Depending upon the X-Ray and the ultra-sound findings a I.V.P. test has to be done. It is a special X- Ray test and involves the injection of a contrast agent intra-venously and taking a series of X-Ray films. Some people might be allergic to this contrast if this the case, then this test cannot be done. This is a very useful test which gives a lot of information about the kidneys ,ureter and bladder. Since this test involves the use of X-Ray which are damaging to the fetus, you have to inform your doctor if you have missed your periods or if you are pregnant.

A CT scan may have to done in some cases. It is now being increasingly used by the doctors. It is done quickly and the cost is also comparatively less.If adequate information cannot be obtained from the above mentioned tests, then additional interventional radiological tests may have to be done.


40771 Friday, May 12, 2017

Sir, My intercourse time is just one minute ejaculation there [PME]. Please help me.

40771 Friday, May 12, 2017

Sirs, I'm Selvaraju,from Tamilnadu,a male, aged 53. Past one yearly,smallest size of yellow colour stones are come out from my bladder when the end of urine release on morning and night before bed regular days. At that time no pain, no irritation. Please, kindly suggest me the proper advise. Thanks a lot.

piyush174 Friday, April 20, 2012

more detail explanation needed

ranjan03 Tuesday, April 3, 2012

my name is parth srivastav.i am from delhi,i just want to know that am i suffering from stone disease??.. actually last night i felt very hard pain in my stomack for 30 minutes it was really so hard pain and then[after 30 min.] i felt relax. so i just want from you to suggest me should i concert to a doctor..........is this the symptom of stone, pls reply fast

urolab Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To prevent Stone to recur, one must get a. Stone Analysis done by latest method like FTIR b. 24 Urine metabolic test. After analysis, the clinician can give proper opinion whay diet modification to be done and what treatment is required. Its : Dr.S. Mehta .check www.urolab.net

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