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Infection cycle

Trypanosomiasis is transmitted by the Tsetse flies in the following manner. These disease vectors absorb the protozoan parasite into their gut and salivary glands after biting an infected mammal. In the weeks following the bite, the ingested parasite grows and multiplies in the gut. When the tsetse fly bites another animal or human being, the developed parasite enters the host,making its way into the blood and spinal fluid. The infected tsetse fly can actively transmit infection throughout its lifetime.

Triatomine bug also known by other names such as reduviid bug or the kissing bug resides snuggly in the cracks and crevices of rundown houses. These bugs get infected after they feed on an infected animal or human being. Any contact with the feces of the bug can spread infection which is by far the easiest way humans get infected. Animals get infected upon contact with the feces or when they feed on the bug as food.


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