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Treatment of Ringworm Disease

Many of the localised tinea infections are treated with topical agents.

Systemic medication is reserved for nail, hair or large body surface involvement

Terbinafine or miconazole are some of the antifungal creams used and Griseofulvin, itraconazole, terbinafine are the oral agents used.

Ringworm Cure Antifungal Creams

Treatment with certain adjuvants like shampoos with Selenium sulphide, ketoconazole, and povidone iodine are used to clear the ringworm infection from the scalp of children.

Shampoos Cure Ringworm in Scalp

With fungal infections, it helps to keep the area clean and dry, to use a separate towel, to shower after sports activities and maintain good hygiene.

Treatment in Animals

The infected pets need to be handled carefully wearing gloves and need to be separated from the non infected ones. The area of infection needs to be clipped and scrubbed with Betadine. The treatment given is topical application of antifungal agents like miconazole and systemic medication like Griseofulvin.


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Ringworm is a common disease in our life. The main causes of ringworm is attack by a fungus from someone who has it or infected by animal who has it well. So there are a lot of home remedy way that can follow and treat yourself at home.

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