Treatment and Prevention of Eye Infections

Eye infections must be promptly treated in order to avoid complications.

Early treatment of eye infections reduces complications and prevents loss of vision, which could be caused by the infection.

Treatment of eye infection includes the following:

  • Bacterial infection is treated with topical antibiotics. The choice of the antibiotic depends upon the infecting organism. In case the organism is not known, a broad-spectrum antibiotic is prescribed. Severe infection may also require systemic antibiotics.
Eye Infection Antibiotics
  • Viral infections are treated with oral or topical antiviral drugs. Viral conjunctivitis usually recovers with symptomatic treatment alone.
  • Styes and dacryocystitis are treated with warm compresses and local antibiotics. A mild surgery may be needed in some cases.
  • Cases of orbital and periorbital cellulitis and endophthalmitis often require hospital admission.

Prevention of Eye Infections

Eye infections may be prevented to some extent by following some simple tips:

Eye Infection Personal hygiene
  • If you use contact lenses, never share lens solution and containers with anyone and clean properly before and after use.
  • Keep an anti-bacterial lotion or hand sanitizer when you go outdoors.


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