How can Tooth Discoloration be treated ?

Many people have definite aesthetic problem from internal or external stains, where as others worry needlessly about the overall color of their teeth. In the latter instance the dentist must decide if the color of the teeth can be improved enough to justify treatment even though the patient insists on having something done. For e.g. person with light complexion may believe that their teeth are too dark when actually they are normal in color. A Sun tan, darker makeup or a darker lipstick will usually make teeth appear much whiter by increasing the contrast between the teeth and the surrounding facial features.

Most external stains can be removed by thorough cleaning of teeth, with an instrument called “ultrasonic scaler”. This instrument removes most of the stains caused by tobacco, food debris or bacteria. If a broken down filling or a cavity is the cause, filling the defect will improve the discoloration.

Discoloration resistant to cleaning can be corrected or greatly improved through conservative procedures such as Bleaching, Micro abrasion or Veneering.

Stains caused by tetracycline medications are usually much difficult to treat, and might require a radical approach.


guest Tuesday, July 15, 2008

would teeth discoloration be caused by pollen allergies? My daughter has always had beautiful teeth but now dark spots have appeared on a couple of her teeth. They are not cavities and appear to be on the surface.

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