Learn More about Tooth Discoloration

Most bleaching techniques are some form of derivative of hydrogen peroxide in different concentrations and are applied by different application techniques.

The lightening of the color of the tooth through application of a chemical agent, which tends to decolorize the pigmentation present on the tooth, is referred to as bleaching.

Bleaching technique may be classified as to whether they involve a living tooth or a tooth with no blood and nerve supply. The procedure can be carried out within the dental clinic or by the patient at his residence.

Bleaching generally has an approximate life span of 1 - 3 years, although this change may be permanent in some situations.


guest Tuesday, July 15, 2008

would teeth discoloration be caused by pollen allergies? My daughter has always had beautiful teeth but now dark spots have appeared on a couple of her teeth. They are not cavities and appear to be on the surface.

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