What are the causes for Tooth Discoloration ?

The tooth discolouration can either be on the tooth surface (extrinsic) or be present within the substance of the tooth (intrinsic).

1. Intrinsic causes In a tooth with an intact blood and nerve supply, the causes are:

Hereditary disorders.

Tetracycline medication.

Excessive fluoride intake in drinking water.

High fevers associated with early childhood disease.

The loss of blood supply and nerve supply can by itself cause discoloration of the tooth.

2. Extrinsic causes Stains from tobacco smoking. Bacteria producing colored pigments.

A salivary protein layer covering the tooth surface.

The tinted remnants of a certain membrane seen on the teeth surface as the teeth, initially erupt out into the mouth.

Tooth decay or a broken down filling.


guest Tuesday, July 15, 2008

would teeth discoloration be caused by pollen allergies? My daughter has always had beautiful teeth but now dark spots have appeared on a couple of her teeth. They are not cavities and appear to be on the surface.

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