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Symptoms and Signs of Ringworm Disease

Ringworm of the scalp is associated with patchy hair loss and some scaling, grey lustreless hair and an appearance which has been likened to a wheat field. Sometimes it can be associated with pus, swelling and pain called a kerion. There is also a black dot ringworm infection of the scalp where the hair breaks at the scalp and leaves behind grouped black dots in the areas of alopecia.

Ringworm Patchy Hair Loss

Barber's itch - It can be seen as a red scaly rash with a well defined edge and central clearing seen unilaterally and on the beard area. Symptoms can be pus filled swollen areas.

Tinea corporis- Ringworm of the skin

The infected areas are red,concentric ring like or large and confluent.

Tinea cruris- Ringworm of the groin

Itchy, circular red rash areas with elevated edges are seen from the groin flexures onto the thigh. Burning and chafing in the groin, thigh or anal area is also observed.

Tinea pedis-Ringworm of the foot

Scaling, erosion and redness with rash between toes is a common feature. Sometimes a moccasin type of Tinea pedis with bilateral involvement and patchy, diffuse scaling can also be seen.

Ringworm of the nail

It can cause opacity, patches and finally destruction of the nail.

Ringworm in Animals

In cats, multiple lesions can be seen.

Patchy hair loss is a symptom of ringworm disease.

The face, ear tips, tail and paws can be affected with itchy lesions.

Sometimes, the skin is crusty and infected with bacteria.

Even after healing, some of these animals remain silent carriers.


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Ringworm is a common disease in our life. The main causes of ringworm is attack by a fungus from someone who has it or infected by animal who has it well. So there are a lot of home remedy way that can follow and treat yourself at home.

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