How can we Diagnose Swollen Gums ?

The sight of the gingiva is sufficient to diagnose the condition. Bleeding of the gums, when a sharp thin metal instrument is passed along the margin connecting the tooth and the gingiva indicates inflammation.

Gingival fluid measurement test

In this test, the increase in amount of gingival fluid is measured which is not seen in a healthy gingiva. Gingival fluid is a fluid produced by the gingiva in the space between the teeth and the gingiva called gingival sulcus. Special instruments and techniques are required to measure the minute increase in the amount of gingival fluid. This is a specialized test for confirming swelling due to infection.


kiavixem1 Thursday, February 2, 2012

do i need antibiotics for swollen gums and face and neck should i go to dentist

aksin Sunday, March 22, 2009

My wife is 7 months pregnant and she has swollen teeth. We are not sure whether to go to a dentist or just sit on it during the pregnancy period. As the dental plan in Canada is not covered by the Government, the dentists in Canada tend to make a big deal out of nothing, as they get paid more. So we prefer not to go to the dentist if we do not have to.
Can anyone suggest what we should do at this moment?

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