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Cancer Support Groups


1) CanSupport
Kanak Durga Basti Vikas Kendra
Sector 12, R. K. Puram
New Delhi -110022
Ph 011-26102851/69
Email: cansup_india@hotmail.com

Palliative Care in Resource-Constrained Settings: Lessons Learned

CANSupport: Pioneering Home-Based Palliative Care in a Resource-Constrained Setting

In the absence of a social support system, it becomes increasingly difficult for one earning family member to provide optimal patient care, buy medicines, and look after the family needs. This often leads to the exhaustion of family savings with subsequent debt. Home Care a Good Choice and CANSupport is committed to providing free home care service as well as free medicines, nutritional supplements, and food rations to patients who need them.

Home care reduces the pressure on the already overwhelmed medical facilities. CANSupport in collaboration with the Pain and Palliative Care Clinic at Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital (IRCH), which is managed by doctors from the Department of Anesthesiology at AIIMS, offers a full-fledged domiciliary palliative care program that would provide patients and their families with high-quality medical, nursing, psychological, social, and spiritual support at home.

Tamil Nadu


galbotrix Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello I’m the son of a Cancer patient. I’ve 2 boxes of Inj Iscador available for cancer treatment which I could not use for my father. Iscador is a recognized therapy for Cancer treatment to balance the side effects of Chemo and other standard treatment options. Researched and manufactured in Europe, the Injections are normally prescribed by most Cancer specialist Homeopaths and a few Oncologists. These injections have to be taken regularly over a period of 2-3 months for the desired effects. But one can consult a fellow Homeopath for the exact medications. In India, these inj have to be imported from Waleda and are available only at a few select places. The available medications are 2 boxes each of Iscador Q Series 0 and 1 @ Rs. 4500/- per box. Please read : http://www.iscador.com for more details. Also consult Dr. Kasad [Mumbai] or Dr. Navneet Rastogi (Delhi) for more info. Mail me : sniphadkar@gmail.com for more details

appu10 Wednesday, September 7, 2011

good guidance in simple language!!!!!!!

delmon54 Thursday, December 31, 2009

I want to start a cancer support group here at a village near Madurai, to conduct free medical check-ups, guide cancer patients like where they to go for treatment, whom to contact, how to go there, where they can get free treatment or where assistance could be got etc. Those who are already doing this kind of help to cancer patients can please guide me how to run a similar cancer support group in this village near Madurai. Please contact Gurumoorthi, thanks.

guest Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We are a group of anti- cancer healers and counsellors , our mission being , allow the fullest co-operation of the patient with the Specialists/Physicians for reducing the side-effects, reduce pains , ease digestion etc. All that we need is a photogragh of the patient and theh details of treatments and updations to our mail i d. Don belive us until you see the effects of our hard work . 'Service to patients with big C is service to God ' our motto .

guest Saturday, August 14, 2010

my dad has been diagonised with stage 3 lung cancer he is undergoing radiation n chemo he is 63 years,please give me some tips about what has to be done treatment was started on 2nd august 2010.

guest Thursday, May 29, 2008

What are the side effects that occur as a result of the new treatment/ drug

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