Last Updated on Apr 19, 2013


Incontinence affects the quality of life of a woman but most woman suffer in silence. If you are suffering from this condition seek help a few simple measures may help your condition.

Treatment of stress incontinence involves various choices, both surgical and non surgical. The treatment will vary depending on the severity of the condition. There are non-surgical and surgical choices when it comes to treating incontinence and the treatment will depend on severity of the disease. Mild form of incontinence will respond to treatment methods such as pelvic floor exercises, pessary along with medications while moderate to severe forms may require surgery. The condition tends to worsen with age and hence there are chances of recurrence even after treatment a person who was on medications may need to undergo surgery; a person who underwent surgery may have to consider a redo.

Urinary incontinence is increasingly acknowledged as a significant health issue over the past few years. It disturbs the quality of life of a person so badly that it interferes with normal day-to-day activities. Most of the patients with this problem often feel embarrassed enough to even communicate their problem with the doctor. There is no reason for worry as this problem can be treated effectively with newer avenues of treatment emerging day by day. So "Do not suffer in silence - Consult your Doctor today"

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