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Kidney stones often produce severe symptoms, the most common being colicky pain in the lower side or back, groin, and/or abdomen.

  • Sudden onset of sharp “ colicky” cramps or pain, that waxes and wanes, in the lower side or back, groin, and/or abdomen.
  • Pain may radiate down towards the penis or scrotum or labial region
  • Pain may sometimes be experienced at the tip of penis or urethra,
  • Sometimes nausea / vomitting
  • Blood in the urine (hematuria)
  • Frequency of urination
  • Chills and fever (if infection is also present )
  • Difficulty /urgency in urinating

Occasionally stones do not cause any pain and these are known as ‘silent stones’. These are usually the smooth-surfaced phosphate stones. Oxalate stones are spiky and tends to cause more irritation to the urinary passage while they migrate downward. Infective stones cause recurrent symptoms of urinary tract infection.

Small uric acid stones may be passed out as crystals in the urine.


ProAsim Thursday, June 13, 2013

I had a pain while discharge urine almost 2 months ago, I took some medicine and it worked. After couple of weeks in the late night for continues 2 days a severe desire to discharge urine but there was actually no urine. Let me conclude it quickly, I had gone through Blood, Urine Test and also Ultrasound of complete abdomen. In the Urine found puss cell and also some blood cells as well but there was no stone or infection in kidneys. Doctor prescribed some medicine for 15 days and advised to come again for checkup. I took medicine and then did not visit again to doctor. Almost 5 days ago on dated 8th June, I noticed there was blood coming from my urine, I started drinking water, lemon juice, the urine was hard to come out but I noticed blood stopped coming during urinate but some drops of blood at the end come out. before visiting doctor on 10th June, I again gone through some tests of Urine and Ultrasound, there was small infection was showing on urine pipe. Then again doctor advised go with X-ray of abdomen, on 10th evening I get the x-ray result and found a shadow of stone on urine pipe [Sorry I have no idea what to say to this place]. The stone is not too big but I noticed this can not go through urine pipe, can you please advice how can I cure from this?

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