Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is south beach diet a low-carb diet plan?

No. The diet does not require dieters to forgo carbohydrates entirely or even measure its intake. Instead, it focuses on the Ďglycemic indexí of foods. It involves restricting carbohydrate intake only for the first 14-days. However, many vegetables are permitted during this phase. Complex, fiber-rich carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole grain bread are permitted during phase 2.

2. Who can follow the south beach diet?

Everyone can follow the south beach diet. However, people with underlying diseases, kidney problems, diabetes and pregnant women should talk to their physician before starting this diet.

3. How is the south beach diet different from Atkinís diet?

  • The south beach diet restricts the intake of unhealthy fats, but strongly promotes healthy ones.
  • Unlike Atkinís diet the south beach diet does not count grams of carbohydrates, but encourages dieters to opt for low-sugar carbohydrates, or those with a low glycemic index.

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