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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Whom should I consult for sleep disorders?

You can consult a sleep specialist or ask your physician to refer you to a sleep clinic.

2. How much sleep does a normal person require every night?

A normal person needs eight hours of sleep every night

3. In laymans terms how do we know if we are suffering from a sleep disorder?

If you have excessive daytime sleepiness, like for example, if you fall asleep while reading a book or while watching television or during a lecture on a regular basis then you are likely to be suffering from a sleep disorder.

4. Do sleeping pills help treating sleep disorders?

Sleeping pills may help with your sleeping problems only when they are taken for a brief period of time and under the supervision of your doctor. Insomnia cannot be cured with sleeping pills. In fact, sleeping pills can often make it worse.

5. Why are women more prone to develop sleep disorders?

The changing hormonal levels during menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause can affect a woman's sleep circadian rhythms and stress levels. This makes them more vulnerable to emotional upheavals resulting in sleep disturbances.

6. Why are the elderly more prone to sleep disorder?

In the elderly the melatonin and growth hormone production decreases along with changes in the body temperature cycle and this can affect the sleep pattern. The circadian rhythms naturally advance a few hours with age. Increase in episodes of short naps in the elderly means that they generally take longer to fall asleep during nights. The elderly may find it all the more difficult to fall asleep if they are sedentary during the day, have altered their diet or have less exposure to natural light. Decreased mental stimulation is another factor that keeps sleep at bay among the elderly. Sleep disturbances could also be due to medications, medical illness or depression.


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Elderly66 Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I am 66 years old woman. Lately I am experiencing that in the middle of the night I am howling due to some terrible nightmare, generally I realise in sleep that I am howling, I get awakened, mostly am unable to recall the dream sequence, but a general feeling of dread is there. It is disturbing my family. I am on a drug [ pentoprazole] stomach disorder. Kindly help.

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