Written by Dr. Anitha Paderla, MBBS | 
Medically Reviewed by dr. reeja tharu / dr. sunil shroff, MBBS, MS, FRCS (UK), D. Urol (Lond) on Apr 19, 2013


Hypersomnia are a group of disorders in which the person suffers from excessive sleepiness. In modern times, where it is fashionable to work at odd hours, it is difficult for a person to accept that he is suffering from excessive sleepiness. At the other end of the spectrum, there are many who inaccurately believe that always feeling sleepy and taking frequent naps are normal behavior.

If a person feels that he is falling asleep at odd situations despite adequate sleep at night he definitely needs to be investigated to balance his sleep -wake cycle. Hypersomnia are a diagnosis of exclusion and the aim of the therapy is to achieve a near -normal state of alertness when it is most required. Further a definite diagnosis alerts a person to avoid dangerous situations, like prolonged driving. Though primary hypersomnia are not curable, they are definitely manageable.

In a world where sleepiness is equated to laziness, an awareness of this disorder is mandatory. Only with awareness can one restore a certain degree of normalcy in the every day functioning of the affected individual and also to bring about social acceptance.


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