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Patient Education

Educating the patient, the bed partner or care taker is important for the management of Parasomnias.

Patient education is important as it helps to prevent injuries to the self and to the bed partner. When these disorders are present during childhood, the most important aspect is the support of the parents. Educating the patient about the chronicity and recurrence of these episodes is important.

Advising patients and/or caretakers about the risks of injury to self and others during sleepwalking, and emphasizing the need to avoid such injuries, are critical. A Sleepwalker’s home should be redesigned to avoid unnecessary injuries. Good sleep hygiene measures should be practiced in these disorders.

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Latest Publications and Research on Parasomnias - Part II


ennairam_23 Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sleepwalking poses threat to the sleepwalker. It is better that the person is diagnosed to be a sleepwalker so that his family can take precautions to safeguard his safety.

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