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Latest Publications and Research on Bruxism

Indian J Psychiatry    

Atomoxetine-related bruxism in a 7-year-old boy: A case report.

Bilac Ö, Percinel I, Kavurma C

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J Oral Rehabil  2020 Jan 30  

Towards a Standardized Tool for the Assessment of Bruxism (STAB) - Overview and general remarks of a multidimensional bruxism evaluation system.

Manfredini D, Ahlberg J, Aarab G, Bracci A, Durham J, Ettlin D, Gallo L, Koutris M, Wetselaar P, Svensson P, Lobbezoo F

The aim of the present paper is to give an overview of the general project and to present the macrostructure of a comprehensive multidimensional toolk... Read More

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J Clin Pediatr Dent    

Probable Sleep Bruxism in Children and its Relationship with Harmful Oral Habits, Type of Crossbite and Oral Breathing.

Lamenha Lins RM, Cavalcanti Campêlo MC, Mello Figueiredo L, Vilela Heimer M, Dos Santos-Junior VE

Objective: To establish the prevalence of Probable Sleep Bruxism (PSB) and its association with gender, breast or bottle-feeding, posterior and anteri... Read More

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J Clin Sleep Med  2020 Jan 14  

Sleep-Related Movement Disorders In A Population Of Patients With Epilepsy: Prevalence And Impact Of Restless Legs Syndrome And Sleep Bruxism.

Khachatryan SG, Ghahramanyan L, Tavadyan Z, Yeghiazaryan N, Attarian HP

Sleep disorders are frequent co-occurrences in patients with epilepsy (PWE), but sleep-disordered breathing and insomnia are better studied than other... Read More

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J Prosthet Dent  2020 Jan 22  

Survival rates and prosthetic complications of implant fixed complete dental prostheses: An up to 5-year retrospective study.

Chochlidakis K, Einarsdottir E, Tsigarida A, Papaspyridakos P, Romeo D, Barmak AB, Ercoli C

Implant fixed complete dental prostheses (IFCDPs) are widely used in the rehabilitation of completely edentulous patients, yet limited information is ... Read More

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