Sexual Deviance - Sexual Victimization

Last Updated on Feb 17, 2016
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Sexual Victimization

Deviant sexual behavior often results in violent forms of sexual victimization such as rape and child sexual abuse (often as incest) that are increasingly brought into public focus by the media.

Rape and Incest are not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV).


There can be no two opinions about the criminal nature of rape. It is a heinous sexual abuse that can never be justified and should never go unpunished. Though the legal definition of rape varies in different countries, Rape is broadly understood as sexual intercourse that occurs when one person is forced or compelled into the sexual act.

Types of Rape include:

  • Stranger rape — rape by an unknown attacker.
  • Statutory rape—when anadult has sexual intercourse with an under-age person with or without consent.

Acquaintance/Date rape—when a known person forces the victim into having intercourse. Rohypnol (flunitrazepam), gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and ketamine hydrochloride (Special K) are known to be mixed with alcohol to induce a “dramatic high” in an unsuspecting person, especially at a party or a date, to facilitate rape. The result has proved fatal in many cases all over the world.

Wartime rape: Throughout history the obnoxious crime of wartime rape has been seen as a strategy of war. Records of mass rape of women abound in recent times—be it the ethnic cleansing in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia that saw atrocities perpetrated on women in the 1990s, the thousands of women and young girls raped in the 1994 war in Rwanda or the horrors that still continue for women in the Darfur issue in Africa.


Incest is sexual contact between two people who are closely related (other than husband and wife)—between siblings, between children and their parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts. There may be slight differences in how different cultures interpret “close relatives” but incest is most certainly one the world’s most prohibited sexual behaviors. Child sexual abuse is often a fallout of incest and it leaves the child traumatized and often, emotionally disabled during the adult years. googlebottomads


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I'm a divorced male in my early 50s. I was faithful to my wife for the 25 years married. She always rejected my romantic advances so I became accustomed to masturbating. My fantasies varied over the years during masturbation and my post divorce real life sexual encounters have been receiving meaningless anonymous oral sex from women and men. It's the only thing that seems to stimulate me to orgasm. Recently, I met the most beautiful, smart, sexy woman and I love her but she does not stimulate me enough to orgasm. I now realize I have completely disassociated sex and love. This is my problem to fix but it certainly affects her. I have stopped receiving anonymous sex but I still masturbate while thinking about it. Can anyone with medical or behavioral knowledge please suggest how I can get back to associating love and intimacy with exciting sex? She is starting to ask, "what's wrong?" and I don't know how to explain it. I really love this woman!

If your arousal is based on the anonymity, you will probably have to continue what you're doing and masturbate to your fantasy. If your arousal is based on oral pleasure, you will need too tell her "what's wrong" and trust that she cares enough about you to open up to the idea. Either way it will take time and either reconditioning or being satisfied with your masturbatory sessions and good lovemaking with someone you care for.


I have problems with both frotteurism and fetishism. The impulses are totally out of my control and despite my concience objections and strong will to refrain it is almost like I am posessed and can only stand by and watch. The frotterurism is weird to, I have an impulse to grasp a woman's skirt hem between my fingers without her noticing. I do this in bars and crowed malls mostly. The fetishism is the obsession with womens undergarments from the act of shopping for them to wearing them and filtching them out of my friends and neighbors laundry hampers. I really want to get over this stuff. Chronic mastubation is also a problem...definately associated sex addition from an early age. Never been sexually abused.....but started chronic masturbation very early....child hood considered abusive because very strict parenting causing daily fear and stress...neighborhood bullying also probmatic...and started sexual activity with partners late in life, 19.


i was at Kmart one day and i saw this guy walk up next to a lady with a short skirt he bends down to pretend to look at a dvd,he then picks up the dvd lifts up his shirt from his side and rubs his lower back or waste on her leg, she did not no it was deliberate he said sorry she said ''oh thats ok''he got up and walked away. i also have seen him do it in other stores same thing to women with short skirts

Pleaew list other nonj-coercive paraphilias besides coprophilia, urophilia, Klismaphilia,transvestic fertishism and S and M. Seeking background for a presentation

I once saw a middle aged Polish immigrant guy grab a young African American woman's butt on the downtown 1 train just north of 59th st - she whipped out her xacto knife from the sleeve of her jacket with ninja-like speed and, in less than a second the perverted guy was crying out in pain and bewilderment as his blood splattered the subway car's floor. My suggestion is that if you see this use your cellphone and snap a picture, even if you don't get the act, you can follow this guy around until you can get a good shot and then take the time to do a report with Metro Police. Two separate reports with the same photo, has the tendency to make the hunter the hunted.

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