Last Updated on Nov 26, 2016

Symptoms and Signs

In general, the most common symptom of rhabdomyosarcoma is a painless or painful mass. The tumor may be localized to one organ or spread to different organs.

Other symptoms of rhabdomyosarcoma are described below, depending on the site of tumor

  • Nose or throat- Bleeding, congestion and swallowing problems can appear
  • Brain - Neurological problems can affect the brain
  • Eyes- Bulging, swelling, vision impairment or pain
  • Ears- Pain, swelling, hearing loss
  • Vagina- Visibly protruding vaginal tumors
  • Bladder - Difficulty or poor control in urination or bowel movements. This symptom can occur with vaginal tumors too
  • Muscle - Painful lump that is often mistaken for injury

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