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The retina is a thin tissue which lines the inner aspect of the back of the eye ball. When light falls on the eye, it is focused by the optical apparatus of the eye onto the retina. The light is absorbed by the photosensitive pigments in the specialized cells (rods and the cones) of the retina and initiates photochemical changes which are converted to electrical signals which are carried through the optic nerve to the brain. These signals are perceived and interpreted in the brain.

The retina can be compared to the film of a camera onto which the image is captured.

The retina can be divided into the central retina and the peripheral retina. The central retina is for clear central vision. The peripheral retina is for peripheral vision.

Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment is a condition in which the retina completely or partly detaches from its attachment to the underlying tissues in the eye. Vitreous is a clear gel which fills two third of the eye ball. It may exert a pull on the retina leading to holes or tears in the thin retinal tissue and its separation from the underlying tissues called the retinal detachment. The hole is also called a rhegma, hence the separation due to a hole is called a rhegmatogenous detachment. The vitreous gel may liquefy as part of the normal ageing process or pathologically as in the case of myopia. Liquefied virteous can seep through the hole or tear causing the retina to detach further.

Retinal detachment needs to be treated as soon as possible for good visual recovery. Retinal detachment surgery involves sealing of the hole or tear responsible for the detachment. Successful sealing of the hole causes absorption of the liquefied vitreous and retinal reattachment.

The prognosis of retinal detachment is generally poor. Prognosis is good if the central retina is not detached and early repair done.


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be.kay Wednesday, December 11, 2013

10 year old girl had a detached retina stuck back 3 months ago, the operation was said to be a success, 3 months on she has only 5% vision in the eye, the detached retina may have happened some time prior to the operation, can anything be done to improve this situation ? The operation was performed in Nice France, is there some place in the world that has advanced procedures in this field ?

manoj.11 Sunday, January 29, 2012

My father is having the retina detachment in both the eyes. First right side eye was operated about 15 years with unsuccessful operation and treatment. Please let me know if there are any further development in retina detachment case? if so please let me know the address and other details.So i can for other eye.

cynthia48 Saturday, December 10, 2011

my husband detached his left eye retina while on vacation. he was seeh 1 week later and confirmed a complete retinal detachment. was schedule for a pars plana vitrectomyon the 10th day but was cancelled due to a stye that developed on that eye.was put on doxycycline bid and erythromycin oint 3x a day and bedtime.5 days paseed and suregery was finaly done yesterday.surgeon was very pleased and very optimistic about the eye. the macula was involved dont know if it is on and off macula detachement as well.what are the chances of vision recovery in this particular situation.he is on prone sitting position right now possibly a week he said.today he lasered the remainder fluid left over by the macula and still very pleased about the outcome of surgery.can you give me percentage of vision recovery. my hussband has noexisting med. problem. he had bilateral cataract extractions last year wwww/ a unifocal lens implant. thank you

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