Last Updated on Dec 17, 2018

General Info about Radioisotope Scan

The phenomenon of production of rays such as alpha, beta and gamma by elements whose atomic number is greater than 82 is called radioactivity. The elements that emit such rays are called as radioisotopes.

In radioisotope scan, radioisotopes are introduced inside the body for the purpose of imaging, evaluating the function of an organ or for determining the location and extent of tumors.

Whereas in investigations such as X-ray and CT examination, radiation that is produced from outside the body and is used to obtain information about structural and functional details of the human body.

n radioisotope scan a suitable material is injected along with a radioisotope. The radioisotope then emits a particular type of radiation which is imaged by a special camera or detector that are placed close to the area of interest. In short, diagnostic information is obtained with the radiation source inside the body.


avijit26267 Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My son's left testis is missing,age 13 plus,mri usg notable to locate, will it be possible to locate the same testtis if it is there or not by which test? will the radio isotope test be fruitful? if yes, is there any harm or which test will you suggest and if it is available in kolkata address plz. wt is phelbography test and in kolkata where this facility available?

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