Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for ptosis?

You can visit an ophthalmologist if you have drooping eyelids or ptosis.

2. Why is ptosis common in old age?

The skin on the eyelid is the thinnest and tends to stretch with aging. This stretched skin limits the ability to see, and may produce a feeling of heaviness. Therefore, ptosis is common in old age.

3. What is pseudoptosis?

Pseudoptosis is when you appear to have a ptosis but it is actually caused by another part of your eye not the eyelid muscles. Brow ptosis (when the eyebrow droops rather than the eyelid), or dermatochalsis (when excess skin on your upper eyelid hangs down) can lead to pseudoptosis.


Karna1 Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I had ptopsis surgery in my right eye a month ago. Sometimes when I go out in the sun and while reading my eyelid still droops and obstructs my vision. The eye tends to get wet and blurs my vision. At night it gets goopy. My problem is that both my eyes have different vision. The right eye is weaker so I have to close my right eye to get better vision. I want to know whether it is a problem because of ptopsis surgery or because of my different eye vision. I am constantly putting antibiotic drops and refresh tears. I thought it might be allergies I also put all away and ate Claritin.

angeleyes84 Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I have aquestion? does multiple sclerosis causing ptosis?

berryblue Sunday, February 26, 2012

I was born with ptosis of the eyelids in 1964. Both my daughter and son has ptosis pf the eyelids. My grandchild was NOT born with ptosis. Can someone tell me if ptosis is still just as prevelant for my grandchildren that have yet to be born? I had several surgeries. My last surgery was in 1980. When my children were born [1988 and the other in 1994] I did not feel that the surgical techniques for ptosis were very different from the ones performed in my childhood. Are there any breakthroughs for the correction of ptosis?

shana23 Tuesday, August 9, 2011

hello I have 3 little children with slight ptosis in the left eye and the youngest child seem to have gone away. most people to do no see the ptosis in my children and the only on that has so far is a neurologist.he lookedt my son and pics of the other children and said he has no idea what causes ptosis in 3 childrens eyes. it is very frustrating because i have been dealing with headaches and backaches and muscle aches as well with my 4 yr old and no doc will help me. what i need is some answers is this going to go away? r the headaches going to end? and the backaches too? also many of the people i read about where born with the ptosis, not my children. is there any virus or bacteria that can cause these kinda things? they have have had every kinda sickness you can think of these past 8 months including mono, mrsa, and several colds and lots of diarrea. please someone give me some answers if they know anything?

Ivette23 Monday, June 14, 2010

I am 26 years old and I have ptosis on the left eye since birth, it was completely shut close, couldn't open it. I have had many surgerys since 6 months old to correct it and this has managed to open my lid half way, but still very noticable. My question is....if I have children, would I pass this to my children?

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