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During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother will go through several physical and emotional changes.

Psychological Changes In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an experience of growth, change, enrichment and challenge. During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother will go through several physical and emotional changes.

Women experience many emotions during pregnancy, starting with the first trimester. Each trimester, whether it proceeds smoothly or with associated problems, can create a mental state that the mother may experience as unique, irrespective of the fact that she may or may not be pregnant for the first time.

Forthcoming parenthood causes psychological changes in both the expectant mother and father. Physical stress, hormonal changes, coping with a changing body shape, and yet going about in life and performing daily living, attending to the needs of the family and children all together may affect the emotional equilibrium of the would-be mother.

The foremost psychological changes that can affect the pregnant lady are mood swings, which may seem unnatural to the rest of the family. Being angry and unreasonable, feeling good and depressed successively, being tensed and unable to relax are all the part of accepting the changing body shape, and the changed hormone levels. The woman is just unknowingly responding to the changes that affect her body since the time of conception.

These changes are normal. Often, discussing these problems with the spouse, a friend or family member is quite helpful. However, if these psychological problems are interfering with daily life or relationships, it is necessary to consult a doctor and get help.

If pregnancy gives women their share of tensions and stress, then on the other hand it also gives them the pride they experience as they proceed on their way to give birth. Pregnancy makes women feel excited about their babies, and satisfied in their ability to be a mother. When they feel adjusted to their new status, parenthood often makes the pregnant women feel matured enough to take the responsibility of the new addition to her family.

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