What are the causes of Prolapse of Uterus ?

  • There are several factors which contribute to the displacement of the uterus. These include
  • Continuous distension of the intestines with gas or excess food materials leading to constant downward pressure on the womb.
  • Chronic constipation leading to pressure from behind from an over-filled colon
  • Tight clothing especially tight corsets
  • Constant stooping, and a weakened condition of the internal muscles of the abdomen
  • Through lack of exercise and bodily weakness.
  • Some of the other important factors responsible for prolapse of the uterus are prolonged labour, an interference in the delivery by inexpert people, lack of proper rest and diet in post-pregnancy periods, repeated deliveries and stressful manual work.
  • An increased weight of the womb, tumors of the uterus, traction of the uterus and surgical injuries can also lead to this disorder.
  • Menopausal atrophy may also precipitate prolapse of uterus.

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