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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult?

Gynecologist & Obstetrician.

2. What if I deliver a premature baby?

Special care is necessary in such a situation. Neonatology is now a separate branch of pediatrics to take care of such babies. In such a situation please be aware that such a source is available.

3. Can I know the sex of my baby?

This knowing the sex of the baby is possible by ultrasound. However this is illegal in India.

4. I have not yet delivered my baby but my breasts are leaking, whatís happening to me?

During pregnancy the body is gearing itself for breastfeeding. Many women find that they start to leak a yellowish watery milky substance as early as 16 weeks. This is called colostrums and is what your baby will feed on during the first few weeks after birth if you choose to breastfeed. Itís quite natural to leak colostrums and you should just wear breast pads in your bra to protect clothing. You may also find that there is an increase in the quantity of leakage during sexual arousal. This is normal too.

5. I seem to have a lot of headaches since I became pregnant. I am worried, what should I do?

Having headaches during the early stages of your pregnancy is quite normal and can be related to the hormonal changes taking place. They can also be caused by factors like dehydration, low blood sugar, tiredness and lack of sleep. Itís best to increase the intake of fluid during your pregnancy. Have small, but regular, meals to help maintain blood sugar levels and also take plenty of rest.

If you find yourself suffering from headaches and blurry vision during the middle of your 2nd trimester consult your doctor or midwife. You could be suffering from pregnancy induced hypertension/high blood pressure and may require some monitoring.

6. From when can I hear the babyís heart beat?

Your babiesí heart starts beating as early as 20 days after conception. It can be seen on an ultrasound scan at 6 weeks into the pregnancy. But itís only around the 12 week mark when you will be able to hear the heartbeat of the baby using a hand held monitor called the sonicaid.

7. Is it advisable for me to work right up to my birth?

Many women work right through toward the end of their pregnancy. Some prefer to take time off a few weeks or months before their full term has ended. From when to take off really depends a lot on your personal choice, comfort, fitness, the kind of job you do and the regulations that are set in the company you work in. You should speak to your manager or HR person to see what would be best for you and the health of your unborn child.

8. Is it safe for me to go jogging when I find out I am pregnant?

Pregnant women are advised to do some form of regular soft impact exercise to improve their blood circulation around the body and boost their energy levels. This can be walking, swimming, gentle toning, stretching, pregnancy yoga, pregnancy pilates and other pregnancy related exercises.

If you have a straight forward pregnancy and are used to jogging then it can be fine to continue to jog. However, itís strongly recommended you speak to your doctor before you do this. In most cases itís strongly advised to stick to low impact exercises.

9. I read on a blog that it can be dangerous to dye my hair while I am pregnant. Is this true?

There is some truth to this. There are concerns that chemicals used in hair dyes can be carried via your blood stream to the baby. They may not be highly toxic however many women prefer using natural products like henna or opting for highlights that do not touch the skin/scalp during their pregnancy.


Malini25 Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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bandu Sunday, November 6, 2011

hi, my wife is pregant with her 3rd child, she is in her 4th month,our doctor told her fluid level is little low but nothing to worry.. i would like to get expert advise as to know due to the fluid level will there be a complication in growth of baby and delivery, moreover my wife's weight has not increased from last month,it remained the same at 65kg.. pl advise

monikadutta Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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KKB66 Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We got married 2 years before & now we are planning to go for family planning, so far she could not conceived.

Also while intercourse on every alternate days. only few qty of semen goes inside her Virgina.

We approached the Gynecologist & she told us to go for DNA test so what is this?

Note: Sometimes i do Masturbate which Gynecologist is not aware.

So pl advise & whether can we do this

1. Whether can use a CONDOM & get it collected in this &
later feed inside here Virgina ?


gopaladari Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hi KKB66, I suggest you not to go for family planning as you are still a fresh pair. I think you should be first get educated in doing a goog intercourse where she is on also playing good role. I suggest you to go for foreplay before intercource.

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