What are Pre-Cancerous Lesions?

Pre-cancerous lesions, as the name indicates are those lesions or conditions, which precede the development of full-blown cancer and sometimes even trigger it. The mouth as we know it is a hot bed for all kinds of microorganisms. And since it also happens to be the first entry point into the body, pre-cancerous conditions occur here most commonly and in fact are more frequent here than any other location in the human body. Contrary to popular belief, these conditions are not suspicious in appearance and many sometimes present as an innocuous patch.

Ideal conditions that trigger the conversion of these conditions to cancer are not always present and sometimes these conditions do not develop into full-blown cancer. But the threat is always present and needless to say better safe than sorry. Before going on to the specifics of what exactly these conditions are, it is worthwhile to examine the causative factors that lead to these conditions.

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