Written by Komal Wadhwa, M.Sc (Foods and Nutrition) | 
Medically Reviewed by dr. reeja tharu / dr. sunil shroff, MBBS, MS, FRCS (UK), D. Urol (Lond) on Aug 09, 2020

Organic Farming – Need for a balancing Act

Organic food has captured the imagination of ‘the wary’ at large and that of the ‘health conscious’ in particular. It is definitely the trend in today’s world, as is evident by the widespread demand, in both the developed as well as the developing countries. This has caused several multi- national food co- operatives to stake their claim in the organic market, leading to a profound increase in the production and availability of organic food.

Although the growing organic food production and consumerism is very encouraging, care must be taken to extend support to small-time farmers, who were once considered the back- bone of the society. It is imperative to conduct extensive research in order to analyze the criticisms leveled against organic farming, besides employing better techniques to produce larger yields.

Support to the ‘organic’ industry must be extended by consuming its produce. Greater strides should be made to enable these foods to be accessible to a larger section of the world’s population. As we stand at the cross roads for a better future, it is important to create a robust, disease-free generation that would lead the world towards a blazing tomorrow. It would also be wise to remember to treat Nature with respect and caution. After all,

“ Nature is not governed, except by obeying her” - Bacon


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Patilsharvari Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nowadays, everyone is getting more concern about their health. For that most of the families eat organic food. It will really helps you to cover your health problem. In our family, we are also eat organic food daily to stay away from diseases and stay healthy. We order all this healthy and organic products from Healthyworld. I like all product because they taste good then any other natural food.

TJ125 Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Schitterend, eindelijk eens iemand die kan aantonen dat BIO FOOD helemaal niet zo goed is voor het milieu, bv. normaal wordt het loof van aardappels doodgespoten net voordat ze geoost worden, bij de bio-boer worden ze verbrand, d.m.v. een heet gasapperaat wat over de planten heen gaat. Hierbij wordt zoveel gas gebruikt dat dit slechter voor het milieu is dat 10 bespuitingen (waarvan het middel al na 2 weken uit de grond is).

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