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About Dieting

The History of dieting probably dates back to the year 1807. It was believed that King William suddenly started feeling it difficult to ride his horse as he had put on weight. As a result of this he was said to have spent the rest of his life in bed, consuming only alcohol as a substitute for his regular food, in order to loose weight.

King Williams life was however short-lived as he succumbed to injuries after his horse fell the very same year (1807). Although the success of King Williams alcohol (Liquid diet) cannot be proven, one feels that his theory of dieting might have actually been partially successful, as he was back to riding his horse before his fateful accident.

Negative Calorie Diet

Our love for food will be the death of us! Anonymous


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Lenibee Saturday, July 13, 2013

I know that I can't keep up with calorie counting nor strict compliance to an exercise program as I have a very tight schedule. I have been suffering from obesity long enough since I was a teenager. I have tried different ways of weight loss remedies and I found out that my body is not compatible with exercise. if I do portion size, I'd go dizzy as I often feel hungry. I however, have been taking supplements which is an appetite suppressant called Prescopodene. It was given to me by my mom and since I know that she won't give anything that could compromise my well-being, I gave it a go for a month. I lost 9 lbs for that 1 bottle alone without any health hazards. I know agree to the saying that mothers knows best.

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