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Myths About Hearing Aids

1. Hearing aid can restore my hearing to normal, just as an eyeglass brings vision to normal.

Hearing aids do not work to cure the hearing loss and can neither restore the hearing back to how it was. The sounds that pass through the hearing aid are just amplified and presented into the impaired ear a little louder than normal. This is similar to someone talking loudly very near to the ear. However, the inner ear damage affects the speech perception.

2. A hearing aid will make the hearing loss worse with its loud sounds.

A properly fitted hearing aid with adequate amplification will not make the hearing loss worse. Only if the hearing aid provides more amplification than required, it may cause damage over time. Aging process can make hearing worse and this is wrongly blamed on the hearing aids.

3. Wearing two hearing aids is not required.

Binaural hearing helps in localizing sounds, that is, finding the direction of sound source. It also helps in speech discrimination in the presence of background noise. If hearing aid is used in both ears requirement of amplification is lesser, which in turn will help tolerate loud sounds and also preserve hearing better.

4. Hearing aids squeak horribly when you hug someone or touch someone’s hair.

Feedback cancellation is one of the most notable advances in the hearing aid technology. With the advent of digital hearing aids, the modern hearing aids are small, unobtrusive and virtually feedback-free.

5. Discreet hearing aids are the best options with state-of-the-art technology.

All styles of hearing aids are available with latest technology of digital programming. Just because one style has benefitted someone, it does not mean that the same will suit another person.

6. Ordering a hearing aid in the internet with my audiogram saves time and money.

The process of hearing aid fitting involves proper evaluation of hearing to proper fitting and programming of hearing aid and requires the presence of the user at all times. Also, counseling for getting adjusted to hearing aid and after sales service is provided by a personalized hearing aid fitting service. Follow-up care and support is not easily provided in the internet.

7. Hearing aids are very expensive.

Hearing aids can be considered as a long term investment to be integrated into the society and be with family and friends. Communication is essential part of life, both in relationships and also occupation and hearing aid helps in communication.

8. Hearing aids are uncomfortable and also a taboo.

Weight of the hearing aid is only a few grams. Customized earmolds and in-the-ear devices can give comfortable seating inside the ear, making it unnoticeable, but comfortable.

Remember, hearing aid may be less conspicuous than your hearing loss.


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